Why Heroic Men

  • Empower & Equip Leaders

    The Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance (CMLA) aims to equip men for their role as protectors and leaders within their families, communities, parishes, and nation. Become a leader | Learn more

    Our alliance emphasizes the importance of men coming together to grow in faith, strengthen each other,...

  • What is Ministry to Men?

    Empower and equip men worldwide with a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance (CMLA). Become a leader | Learn more

    Recognizing a lack of male leadership in households and society, CMLA focuses on strengthening men's roles to strengthen families...

  • Join us in mission

    The Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance (CMLA) empowers and equips men worldwide for vibrant ministry. Our motto emphasizes strengthening men, families, churches, so that we transform culture. Join the mission

    We constantly get calls for help in starting men's groups, conferences, and more. CMLA'...

  • Why Heroic Men

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