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  • That Man Is You: Fatherhood

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    We have a crisis in fatherhood that has shaken the concept of fatherhood its very foundation. It is affecting all of society. It is affecting you and your family.

    How did we reach a state where fatherhood is reduced to exchange of a small amount of genetic material. Perhaps we’re the ones who ha...

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    6 items

    STRIVE, a program from Covenant Eyes, is a powerful and completely anonymous 21-day detox designed to help men quit porn for good! Understand why you go to porn in the first place, discover the benefits of breaking free, and begin your journey to quit watching porn with STRIVE. Covenant Eyes has ...

  • The True Presence | Heroic Men Summit

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    YouTube channel Catholic Re.Con host Eddie Trask interviews converts as they share how the power of the Eucharist led them to Catholicism.

    Did you know recent a Pew Research Center survey found that most self-described Catholics don’t believe that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist? Almost ...