What to Watch

  • Into the Breach

    1 season

    Into the Breach is a groundbreaking 12-episode video series from the Knights of Columbus that seeks to answer what it means to be a Catholic man in today’s world. Inspired by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation to Catholic men, Into the Breach tells men they are made for greatness an...

  • RISE: A 30-Day Challenge

    1 season

    RISE is a 30-day challenge hosted by Chris Stefanick and Bill Donaghy to help you become the brothers, sons, fathers, husbands and friends that you were meant to be. Join the brotherhood today: https://coaching.reallifecatholic.com/a/34965/5Vyz6HCP. RISE has transformed thousands of lives with a ...

  • Kapaun’s Men Virtue Series

    1 season

    “Father Kapaun proved himself to be the greatest example of manhood that I’ve ever seen in my life.” The most decorated Chaplain in US Army History, Servant of God Emil Kapaun’s story inspires us and reminds us that every man can achieve the greatness to which God has called us. The Kapaun’s Men ...

  • Anchored in Hope with Fr. Larry Richards

    1 season

    Anchored in Hope with Father Larry Richards is a podcast used to bring hope to the world by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Anchored in Hope can be found on Vimeo, YouTube, PodBean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere where you listen to podcasts.

    Watch Live Each Thursday 3pm EST: h...

  • The Search

    1 season

    This 7-episode series hosted by Chris Stefanick explores the deepest questions of the human heart—Why am I here? What's life all about? What happens when we die?—and guides you through the great big story of everything, as astrophysicists, psychologists, neuroscientists, artists, chemists and pro...

  • Chastity Project Presents: Forged

    1 season

    Forged: 33 days toward freedom by The Chastity Project. Visit http://chastity.com/forged to get started!

    Good men don’t need more reasons why it’s wrong to use women online, in their imagination, or in reality.

    What they need are effective strategies to win daily battles and to obtain lasting ...

  • Ignatius of Loyola

    This modern and very human take on the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often called "The Saint of Second Chances," is an incisive and thrilling look at the life of the real man behind the legend. In his lifelong quest to become the heroic knight of his fantasies, Igna...

  • Ordinary Men Extraordinary Results

    4 items

    Have you heard that "men have a special call to be first-responders, to step up and be leaders?" Most of us don't know how. We don't think we have what it takes. We think we're not "special enough." We're just ordinary.

    I'm so happy to tell you you're wrong. Think about David - an ordinary sheph...

  • One Body, One Mission


    In this episode, John and Victor talk about the dangers of living the Faith alone. As you will learn, the Battle of Amalek is the perfect example of this: we have a great need for other people in our life in order to do the Lord’s will with strength.

    In this epis...

  • The Protector Series with Mark Houck

    1 season

    All men are called by God to provide. In this Heroic Men series, we invite powerful and authoritative speakers in men's ministry to reflect on man's duty to provide.

  • The Rescue Project an ACTS XXIX Mission

    2 items

    Why The Rescue Project?

    We passionately believe that the most urgent task is the compelling proclamation of the gospel, one that not only shares it in an attractive – and concentrated – way, but that also offers people a way of seeing reality, and of making sense of the world, history, and life ...

  • Heroic Minute

    5 seasons

    Heroic Minutes are the quickest and easiest ways transform your life by putting into action simple practices that will help you live a heroic lifestyle.

  • Catholic in America

    1 season

    Catholic in America finds itself at the intersection of faith and culture. No topic is out of bounds for co-hosts Father Michael, Father Tom, and Father Doug. To stay up to date with the latest episodes of Catholic in America and to support Saint Dominic Media's productions, visit: https://saintd...

  • Catholic Re.Con.

    1 season

    Catholic Re.Con. shares the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith. Join host Eddie Trask, a Catholic revert, as he interviews fellow reverts and converts as they share how the Holy Spirit convicted them to enter into the fullness of Catholic Church.

    Hear more from Eddie at: https://www.eddietr...

  • Heroic Men® Summit: Identity of the Catholic Man

    6 items

    Watch and share the Heroic Men® Summit: Identity of the Catholic Man!
    Support Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance:

  • Sent with Bishop Bill Wack

    2 seasons

    Sent is a video series that delves into the importance of being an apostle. Bishop Bill Wack, of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, is truly inspiring and shows how all of us are called to be apostles, to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Make sure to check out this powerful series and find...

  • Heroic Marriage Summit

    4 items

    At the Heroic Marriage Summit, hear messages from Eddie Trask, Greg and Julie Alexander, and Jason Evert as they share about how to keep Jesus Christ at the center of your marriage. Watch with your spouse, with your men's group, or listen on the go to hear great insights and powerful testimonies ...

  • Stronger Church Series

    1 season

  • Lust is Boring with Jason Evert

    9 items

    Lust is Boring is hosted by Jason Evert, a bestselling author of more than fifteen books, including The Dating Blueprint and How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul. Listen as Jason interviews special guests and delivers straight answers to tough questions submitted by the listeners on...

  • Just A Guy In The Pew: Amazing Interviews

    14 items

    We're talking Catholic man to Catholic man. No fancy jargon. Just real, honest conversations from the heart. Join Just A Guy In The Pew as we discuss the struggles, challenges, and unimaginable joy of following Christ.

    We don’t shy away from the tough topics; we approach them straight on in a re...

  • Exodus Leaders, The Vision

    Join Exodus 90 today: https://exodus90.com/heroicmen/?utm_source=heroic-men&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=exodus90-2022&utm_content=heroic-email-1

    On January 17th, tens of thousands of men are going to start living a different life.

    That different life is going to help them turn away ...

  • The Divine Plan


    How does a plot that involves the assassination attempts of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II, KGB scheming, and CIA intrigue become the final act to topple the Soviet Empire? The Divine Plan dives deep into the pivotal bond between Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan. Just six wee...

  • Benedict XVI: The Pope Emeritus

    This excellent new documentary produced in Europe on the life and papacy of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) shows us the great milestones of his life: renowned theology professor, prolific author, expert at the Second Vatican Council, longtime collaborator of John Paul II, and his pontificat...

  • The Catholic Dad Show

    11 items

    Hi, we’re Chris and Matt, and we are (imperfect) dads sharing stories & advice. Fatherhood is so important, but there aren't many resources for Catholic Dads. Our children and our wives need us to step up. The Catholic Dad Show is a show for Catholic dads, by Catholic dads. On our show you will f...