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  • ABANDONED… But Not Alone | Dan Donaldson | Episode #066

    Episode #066

    Title: ABANDONED… But Not Alone | Dan Donaldson | Episode #066


    Dan Donaldson’s birth father abandoned his mom and 4 siblings while Dan was still in the womb. When a new man entered his mom’s life, Dan found the father he needed in his youth. Subsequently, Dan navigated th...

  • Uncover the Ultimate Go-To Prayer Hack!

    Jon Leonetti challenges us to embrace the power of prayer. Adopt a go-to prayer, like the one he took from Saint Teresa of Calcutta, invoking Mary to be a mother. Whether it's the widely known Jesus prayer or one of your own creation, a short, heartfelt go-to prayer can be a mighty force in your ...

  • Episode 1 // What Do You Seek?

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    In our very first episode, we open hearts with a look at the question “what do you seek?” What is that deep longing in our hearts all about? We’re all living for something, and we all strive for that something out there that is ultimately going to ma...

  • Session 1: God Is with Us

    When is the last time you sat down to enjoy a meal with your family or close friends—not just to eat food in close proximity to each other, but to bask in each other's presence and grow in love for one another? For most of us, this doesn't happen at a typical meal. But this is the kind of meal Go...

  • Into the Breach – Episode 1: Masculinity

    This content was created for and is most appropriate for use by men or men’s groups.

    The Church is facing a “man crisis.” Men are made for greatness. “Authentic masculinity” means to live for excellence. Mike Phelan explains how he discovered the nature of true masculinity and how to live it.

  • Wake Up Routine

    Third Sunday in Advent, December 4th homily from Fr. Mark Bernhard, Pastor at Notre Dame Parish in Clarendon Hills, IL.

  • Men of the Cross with Jared Zimmerer

    Learn more about the Word on Fire Institute:

    Jared Zimmerer, Senior Director of the Word on Fire Institute, delivered this lecture for the Knights of Columbus “Men of the Cross” initiative entitled “How Self-Control is Strengthened by Endurance.”

    In this talk Jared...

  • Powers and Dominions: Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare

    "In all of God's creation we see such splendor, beauty, mystery, and wonder. Within this creation there are beings with intellect and free will: humans and angels.

    From the creation of the world, the realm of the angels and the world of men have interacted. This interaction is not always a posit...

  • Day 11: Forged with Fr. Mike Schmitz

    Good men don’t need more reasons why it’s wrong to use women online, in their imagination, or in reality.

    What they need are effective strategies to win daily battles and to obtain lasting freedom and victory in the war against lust.

    Forged is a 33-day exercise designed to purify, heal, and str...