Two Minute Tuesday with Chris Stefanick

Two Minute Tuesday with Chris Stefanick

16 Episodes

Every Tuesday, visit this page for a new message from Chris Stefanick at Real Life Catholic to help you understand your faith!

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Two Minute Tuesday with Chris Stefanick
  • Can you be a good person without God?

    Episode 1

    "I will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the LORD, the Most High." Psalm 7:17

    Religion is not just about following a rigid set of rules or checking off a to-do list. So what's it really about? It's about accepting and thanking God for al...

  • How to Hear God's Voice (5 TIPS!)

    Episode 2

    God loves you, and he has a plan for you! Here are five tips on how to hear his voice today.

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  • Do Catholics Worship Mary?

    Episode 3

    We will be honoring our mothers this weekend, and May is the month of our Holy Mother, Mary! Why do we as Catholics love her so much? Do we worship her?

    Mary was mostly unnoticed in life, except by God. Now she is know as Ark of the New Covenant, Star of the Sea, Queen of Heaven, and Mother of G...

  • Why should you thank God for everything?

    Episode 4

    “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

    Medical advancements? Life-changing inventions? Sports championships? Snow days? My grandma's cookies? My favorite pet? my wife?

    Should you thank God for everything? Is he really in con...

  • MASKS (What I REALLY think of them)

    Episode 5

    There is a lot of information out there about how masks impact our physical health, but how do they affect our spiritual health? Check out this Two-Minute Tuesday video to hear what I have to say.

    Comment below with YOUR thoughts on how masks impact your spiritual health.

    3:12: *Galatians*


  • SIN CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY?? (A Catholic view)

    Episode 6

    SIN CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY?? (A Catholic view)

    In this video I'm talking about the #1 lie that people believe... and how to conquer it.

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    The ancient lie is that sin will make us happy. Is this really the case?

    Our addictions, our sins, our tem...


    Episode 7

    Do you have any fears and worries? We all do! Here are a three tips to help conquer your anxiety today.

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  • Do YOU have a soul?

    Episode 8

    Do YOU have a soul? Does it even matter?

    This week, I share three ways to know for sure that you are more than a collection of molecules: through faith, through science, and through your own lived experience. What's YOUR lived experience? Please share your thoughts. I really want to hear from yo...

  • FOUR facts about FASTING

    Episode 9

    Why in the heck do Catholics fast?! I've got FOUR reasons that I share in under two minutes.

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  • Beware of Bad News

    Episode 10

    Beware of bad news! Why is it that we’re so attracted to negative news? It can really get you down, huh? It's because your brain didn't evolve to keep you happy—it evolved to keep you alive. I address this in today’s short video... and offer a simple solution.

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  • Are Catholics cannibals??

    Episode 11

    Jesus told his disciples to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Was he crazy?! Are Catholics cannibals? The Feast of Corpus Christi is this coming weekend. I hope this video helps you to celebrate it more fully.

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  • Have Fun- It's Virtuous!

    Episode 12

  • A Hidden King

    Episode 13

    In this Two Minute Tuesday, hear Chris explain the dignity that we have as men. The work we do may be unseen by the world, but it is known by God.

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  • How is Mass Like a Food Truck?

    Episode 14

    How is Mass like a food truck?

    Some people treat Mass like it’s a four-star restaurant and they’re the food critics. They nitpick the homily, the music, everything about it—and if that's you, you’ve missed the point!

    Really, Mass is more like a food truck. It’s how God pulls into our lives and ...

  • Papal Infallibility

    Episode 15

    Do you have to believe EVERYTHING the pope says?


    I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the pope’s recent, personal letter to James Martin. This presents a great opportunity to discuss what papal infallibility is, and isn’t.

    I’ve been ar...

  • The Power Of PRAISE

    Episode 16

    In this Two Minute Tuesday, Chris talks about the power of Praise, and how fundamental it is in your prayer life.

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