The Protector Series

The Protector Series

3 Episodes

All men are called by God to provide. In this Heroic Men series, we invite powerful and authoritative speakers in men's ministry to reflect on man's duty to provide.

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The Protector Series
  • The Protecter Series: Protector of Women with Mark Houck

    In this video Mark emphasizes the God given role Men have to protect Women. In this wide-ranging video, Mark talks about fighting for the dignity of all women, pro-life issues, how men can take an active role in dismantling the abortion industry, and the evil of the pornography industry. It is an...

  • The Protector Series: Protector of Children with Mark Houck

    Children are the most vulnerable members of our community. Every child has a right to feel safe and loved in their homes and communities. Mark encourages men to reflect on the children in our own lives, do they feel protected and safe? As men can learn from the purity of Children and the simplici...

  • The Protector Series: Protector of The Common Good with Mark Houck

    Mark describes the common good as the welfare of our neighborhoods, communities, and society as a whole. All men are called to protect the common good, and must see it as integral to their role as protector. To be able to protect the common good, we must acknowledge the cultural battle at hand, a...