The Men's Academy: Academy Briefs

The Men's Academy: Academy Briefs

7 Episodes

Academy Briefs are short messages on Christian Manliness from Dr. Phil Chavez of the Men's Academy.

The Men's Academy offers solid content on Christian Manliness through internet-based platforms, live conferences, and audio-visual media. Their training gives men the inspiration and tools to reach fulfillment and peace in life, work, Faith and family. Founded by Dr. Phil Chavez, the Men's Academy teaches the hard truths about manliness. Summon a man’s strengths. Show him his purpose. And lead him to a stronger identity as a son of God.

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The Men's Academy: Academy Briefs
  • Academy Brief: Lays Down His Life

    Episode 1

    Brothers, as Jesus declares: “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the
    sheep” (Jn 10:11), St. Gregory, says that word “good” indicates willingness to die. When the wolf comes,
    protect at all costs, even if you must lay down your life. God be with you!

    In the Gospel of...

  • Academy Brief: Love Enables God's Will

    Episode 2

    Brothers, move in the love of the Father and the Son, not only to reach the joy for which you were
    created, but also to accomplish securely God’s commandments. God be with you!

    In the Gospel reading, John 15: 9-17, for the 6 th Sunday of Easter, Jesus speaks of the empowering
    love which enables ...

  • Academy Brief: Source of Peace

    Episode 3

    Brothers, as Jesus wished His Peace upon us, even when underserving, we should be a source
    of peace in the world. Before calling others to justice, become the peace you have received.
    And you will have great impact.

    In the 3rd Sunday of Easter, the Gospel reading of Luke 24 gives important lesso...

  • Academy Brief: Pruning Never Ceases

    Episode 4

    Stay closely connected to Christ, that Solid Vine by becoming a more ardent follower; submit to the
    constant pruning of the Father; and you will give Him great glory. God be with you.

    In the Gospel reading, Jn 15:1-8, for the 5th Sunday of Easter, Jesus says “I am the true vine, and my
    Father is...

  • Academy Brief: More Time Outdoors

    Episode 5

    Most men require more time outdoors. Take care to get frequent open-air exposure. Brisk
    walking invigorates the body. Clears the head. Opens up the spiritual life. And proves

    Recently I took a high impact walk in the La Habra Heights area of Los Angeles county, at one of
    the highe...

  • Academy Briefs: Lion and Lamb 2

    Episode 6

    Brothers, as I’ve spoken previously: a man can be summed up in 2 words: Lion & Lamb.

    As a Lion, a man leads, protects, and provides. He serves this way for all those in his care. He keeps resigned to fulfill his vocation and to stay the course. In the face of opposition he holds his ground. This...

  • Academy Brief: Prophet and Pride

    Episode 7

    Brothers, keep a peaceable spirit in your pursuit of truth. Avoid pride through fixation on your
    own views and the temptation to tear others down. A prophet keeps his heart right. God be with you!

    The pursuit of truth proves a vital life endeavor. The prophet in every man stands called to seek