The Elements of the Catholic Mass

The Elements of the Catholic Mass

31 Episodes

Elements of the Catholic Mass is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Featuring Fr. Douglas Martis, former director of the Liturgical Institute, the program consists of thirty-one beautifully produced short videos. Because each episode comes with a discussion guide with references, Elements of the Catholic Mass is ideal for personal faith formation or group discussion.

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The Elements of the Catholic Mass
  • The Meaning of Liturgy

    Episode 1

    Download Episode 1 Study Guide here:

    In our series premier, we find out the definition of the word "liturgy." While it technically means the work of the people, there are two more aspects that help u...

  • Intelligent Worship

    Episode 2

    Download Episode 2 Study Guide here:

    The Second Vatican Council, in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, called for "active participation" on the part of the Faithful. It also called for a partici...

  • The Role of the Parishioner

    Episode 3

    Download Episode 3 Study Guide here:

    We Christians are here on earth as exiles. Many of us grow up in middle class Christianity. The danger with that is that we have everything we want and as a conse...

  • The Church Building

    Episode 4

    Download Episode 4 Study Guide here:

    In this episode, we dive into the meaning of the church building. The Catholic Church is a sacramental Church which means deeper realities are expressed in percep...

  • Processions

    Episode 5

    Download Episode 5 Study Guide here:

    A procession is an assembly on the move. It symbolizes, in every instance, our pilgrimage through this world to our true homeland; we are citizens of heaven. The...

  • Signs and Symbols

    Download Episode 6 Study Guide here:

    The Catholic Mass is full of signs and symbols. Where do these signs come from? Where do they get their meaning? The Church teaches that the meaning comes from fo...

  • Sacramental Signs

    Episode 7

    Download Episode 7 Study Guide here:

    The Catholic Church teaches that a sacrament is an outward sign, instituted by Christ, to give grace. Or as the Catechism of the Catholic Church puts it: The sacr...

  • The Purpose of the Mass

    Episode 8

    Download Episode 8 Study Guide here:

    In everything we do in life, it is essential to understand the goal or purpose, if we want to participate in a fruitful manner. In the Catholic Mass, the goal of ...

  • Active Participation

    Episode 9

    Download Episode 9 Study Guide here:

    The Church weaves the notion of active participation, together with full and conscious into her understanding. We should be engaged fully, conscious of what we ar...

  • Who Says the Mass is Boring?

    Episode 10

    Download Episode 10 Study Guide here:

    One often hears that Mass is boring. I like to say that if you find it boring, you're looking at the wrong thing. You are probably focused on its structure. Rit...

  • Unity and Diversity in the Mass

    Episode 11

    Download Episode 11 Study Guide here:

    The Church's most fundamental principle in the celebration of Mass is that of unity. She has no greater interest than to foster unity when remembering the great ...

  • Music—Part I

    Episode 12

    Download Episode 12 Study Guide here:

    Music, in the mind of the Church, is not thought of as something added to the Mass; rather, music is an integral component of it. The Church describes her music ...

  • Music—Part II

    Episode 13

    Download Episode 13 Study Guide here:

    The 1967 Instruction, Musicam Sacram, is the most definitive statement on music in the Mass since the Second Vatican Council. This Instruction both clarifies and...

  • The Collect

    Episode 14

    Download Episode 14 Study Guide here:

    "Collect" is the official term for what is generally known as the Opening Prayer of the Mass. This term is significant because it suggests how we ought to approa...

  • Liturgy and Language

    Episode 15

    Download Episode 15 Study Guide here:

    A frequent question, especially in light of the translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal, concerns the language of the Mass. Why do the words of Mass...

  • Liturgist and Liturgiologist

    Episode 16

    Download Episode 16 Study Guide here:

    What is the difference between a liturgist and a liturgiologist? This is an important question because the answer has an impact on how we approach participation ...

  • Vestments—Part I

    Episode 17

    Download Episode 17 Study Guide here:

    The vestments worn during Mass are sacramental signs. This suggests that they not only serve the practical purpose of covering street clothes, but that they also...

  • Vestments—Part II

    Episode 18

    Download Episode 17 Study Guide here:

    The alb, along with the amice and cincture, is the sacred garment common to ordained and instituted ministers. The sacred vestments provide distance from the mun...

  • The Church Doors

    Episode 19

    Download Episode 19 Study Guide here:

    The door of the church is not simply practical or pragmatic; it is not simply for entry and exit. The door of every church is a sacramental sign that reminds us ...

  • Incense at Mass

    Download Episode 20 Study Guide here:

    The Church herself tells us that incense is an expression of reverence and prayer. She prays along with Psalm 141: "Let my prayer be incense before you; my uplif...

  • Bows in the Mass

    Episode 29

    Download Episode 21 Study Guide here:

    The liturgy is comprised not only of words and music, it also includes gestures. These, too, are sacramental signs because they show in a visible way the hidden ...

  • The Book of the Gospels

    Download Episode 22 Study Guide here:

    The Church teaches that the proclamation of the Gospel is the high point of the Liturgy of the Word, the first part of Mass. The Gospel is so significant that th...

  • The Word of the Lord

    Download Episode 23 Study Guide here:

    If you want to say the word, "word" in Latin, there are two choices. You can say "scriptum" or you can say "verbum." There is a very important distinction betwee...

  • The Creed

    Episode 24

    Download Episode 24 Study Guide here:

    Notice that one of the first tasks of the liturgical assembly is for the different members to be formed into a single body. The "I" (ie., the first person singul...