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Manhood: Session 1 - To Be A Man


Up Next in Season 1

  • Manhood: Session 2 - The First Man

    In Session 1, we saw that Jesus Christ was declared “the man” precisely in the moment that he offered himself for the bride. In that moment, he became the “prodigal Adam.” We must carefully consider the mystery of Adam. It will reveal much about our own hearts.

    We are called to battle Satan over...

  • Manhood Session 3 - To Be Rich in Mercy

    In Session 2, we saw that God developed in Adam’s heart a desire to be “like God.” Adam separated his heart from God and all creation fell. Jesus Christ became the “prodigal Adam” to restore what was lost be Adam. But we must go much further!

    We must discover the primacy of mercy. Mercy is ESSEN...

  • Manhood: Session: 4 A Light in the Da...

    We have seen that we were created to be “like God.” We were created to become a manifestation of God the
    Father ... who is “rich in mercy” (Ephesians 2:4). Men have struggled to live their noble calling “from the beginning.” We are struggling to live it now.

    A certain darkness has once more desc...