5 Episodes

Redeemed is a series that shares the joy found in and through the lives of the faithful. Each episode of Redeemed focuses on an individual's conversion story and God's redeeming grace therein. To stay up to date with the latest episodes of Redeemed and to support Saint Dominic Media's productions, visit

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  • Redeemed: Fr. Michael Hartley

    Episode 1

    Check out this episode of Redeemed, where Father Michael Hartley describes the pivotal moment when he decided to change his lifestyle and become a man of God.

  • Redeemed: Trevor

    Episode 2

    Trevor Miller, a full-time LifeTeen Haiti missionary from Saint Dominic Media’s home parish, shares how God’s love is so much greater than anything the world has ever offered him.

  • Redeemed: Scott Boyer

    Episode 3

    Scott shares how living out chastity in his daily life has led him to joy and fulfillment & brought him closer to Christ.

  • Redeemed: Richard Graham

    Episode 4

    Richard recounts his struggles with anger and how, even through that, he found love and redemption in God.

  • Redeemed: Davone

    Episode 5

    On this episode of Redeemed, Davone shares his conversion story & how his life has been changed by Jesus, despite the drug culture he grew up around.