Power of Sacraments

  • The Elements of the Catholic Mass

    1 season

    Elements of the Catholic Mass is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Featuring Fr. Douglas Martis, former director of the Liturgical Institute, the program consists of thirty-one beautifully produced short videos. Because each episode comes with a discussion gu...

  • Presence
    1 season


    1 season

    Although the Eucharist appears to be simple bread and wine, it is actually the "source and summit" of the Christian life. The Mystery of the Eucharist explores the truth and beauty of Christ's real presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life o...

  • Forgiven
    1 season


    1 season

    This is the first episode of a 3-part series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series along with bonus materials, please visit www.formed.org/trial.

    Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession, is the latest addition to the Augustine Institute's library of sacramental preparation progr...

  • Philip Rivers: Prayer and the Eucharist

    NFL quarterback Philip Rivers discusses the power of prayer, especially the Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. For more great content from Jason Evert and his ministry The Chastity Project, visit: https://chastity.com/

  • Reborn
    1 season


    1 season

    This is the first episode of a 3-part series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series along with bonus materials, please visit www.formed.org/trial.

    Reborn explores the deeply personal power of Baptism, bringing to light the spiritual reality for parents and godparents and, most important...

  • Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

    2 seasons

    This is the first episode of a 12-part series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series along with bonus materials, please visit www.formed.org/trial.

    In 12 stunning sessions, Beloved uncovers the mystery and the meaning of the sacrament of marriage.
    Beloved invites all couples to experien...

  • Matrimony & Holy Orders: The Sacraments of Service & Communion

    More than merely a contract between two people in love, marriage was created by God as part of his plan for humanity. How we fit within that plan may depend on our view of the Sacrament of Matrimony and its profound meaning for the world.

  • Hostia: The Power and Presence of the Eucharist

    "This powerful and inspiring film begins with the Gospel accounts of how Jesus Christ instituted the Eucharist. It explains how the sacrifices and offerings in the Old Testament prefigured the perfect and final sacrifice in Jesus Christ Himself—the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world...

  • Pardon and Peace: A Sinner's Guide to Confession by Fr. Francis Randolph

    Movie + 1 extra

    Fr. Francis Randolph presents a very positive and practical understanding of the immense value of the Sacrament of Confession for the modern Catholic. Father Randolph helps the reader to see how the Sacrament of Confession meets the deepest needs of the penitent on the spiritual, emotional, and p...

  • If Your Mind Wanders at Mass by Thomas Howard

    Movie + 1 extra

    Distractions, fatigue, boredom at Sunday worship—maybe we experience these because we don't fully appreciate what's going on at Mass. Howard's profound and practical look at the liturgy focuses our wandering minds. It reminds us that at Mass the veil separating earth and heaven lifts, so that we ...

  • Sacraments in Scripture by Dr. Tim Gray


    This book delves into the biblical origin for each of these masterpieces of God's love. Gray guides readers through the Gospels, showing Christ's deliberate acts to inaugurate these sacred signs as the foundation of the New Covenant.

  • Could You Not Watch with Me One Hour? by Fr. Florian Racine

    Movie + 1 extra

    Fr. Florian Racine offers us a beautiful formation guide on Eucharistic adoration that will help us to practice it in all its depth, and with a missionary perspective.

    God has made himself particularly close to mankind in Jesus his Son. The redemptive Incarnation of his Son is how God reconciles...

  • 7 Secrets of Confession by Vinny Flynn

    In this inspiring presentation, popular speaker Vinny Flynn explores the "hidden" truths of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, presenting what to many will be a whole new way of approaching Confession, inviting you to begin an exciting personal journey to healing and holiness. If you do not yet loo...

  • Anger and Forgiveness by Dr. Bob McDonald

    Catholic psychotherapist Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald provides a spiritual and psychological prescription for overcoming the sinful anger that poisons the mind of Christ within, causing alienation and division. His practical wisdom shows that only by learning how to forgive can we hope to promote heal...

  • The Body and Blood of Christ by Dr. Scott Hahn

    In this informative presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn, a former Presbyterian minister, provides the Biblical basis for the Church's teaching on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the significance of the Feast of Corpus Christi. It also gives us a greater understanding of our vocation to ...

  • Changed Forever: The Sacrament of Baptism by Fr. Mike Schmitz

    Fr. Mike Schmitz is one of the leading speakers to young people in the Church today. In this presentation, he explains how Christians truly become sons and daughters of God the Father for all eternity through the Sacrament of Baptism.
    Following the presentation, there is a bonus segment from Fr. ...

  • Confession by Fr. Larry Richards

    Based upon his proven and powerful parish mission presentation, Fr. Larry Richards's talk on Confession has become the #1 talk in North America for learning more about this Sacrament. He is riveting, honest, humorous, down-to-earth, and often touchingly gentle. Fr. Larry provides listeners with h...

  • Confirmation: The Sacrament of Evangelization & Martyrdom by Brant Pitre

    We often misunderstand the actual nature of the Sacrament of Confirmation and how it directly affects our lives. In this talk, Dr. Brant Pitre invites us to understand better the tremendous graces and calling received through this Sacrament. He points to various passages in Scripture that provide...

  • Freedom through Forgiveness: The Sacrament of Confession by Ken Yasinski

    With over 15 years of experience, Ken Yasinski has quickly become one of Canada's most sought-after Catholic speakers. Through clever examples and insightful stories, Ken reveals how each of us can obtain freedom from the burden of our sins through the forgiveness that is readily available in the...

  • So Help Me God: The Promise & Power of the Sacraments by Scott Hahn

    In this dynamic talk, Dr. Scott Hahn explains the importance of oaths, which invoke God's name and implore His assistance. He shows that oaths are also the means of transforming our personal relationship with Christ into a covenant relationship. Dr. Hahn then explains what led him to move from be...