Setting Captives Free

Setting Captives Free

Quit Porn. Live Your Best Life. Covenant Eyes helps you live porn-free with confidence.

Join Matt Fradd and Luke Gilkerson in this series from Covenant Eyes, where they go through practical steps you can take to live porn free.

Find out how Covenant Eyes can help you live porn-free:

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Setting Captives Free
  • The Essential Reason Porn is Wrong

    There are many reasons why people say we should avoid pornography. Some, for instance, will point out that pornography is very addictive, that it warps our brains. And this is true. In fact, I talk more about that in this video here, if you want to know more about that.

    Other people might point ...

  • 4 Ways Porn Warps the Male Brain

    We’ve often heard men say, “I love looking at porn. Besides, it doesn’t hurt anything. It’s only fantasy. What’s the problem?” Now, you may not have a moral problem with porn, but many are starting to have a medical problem with it. The more we study the impact of porn on the male brain, the more...

  • Porn Activation Sequence

    Learn how to avoid the downward spiral of pornography, starting with understanding your thoughts and triggers. These ultimately lead to a choice in behavior, you will either walk away or give into your temptation. What are you doing to do?

    Download Coming Clean: Overcoming Lust Through Biblical ...

  • Fighting Porn Isn't Just a Religious Issue

    Christians and other religious individuals are widely known for opposing pornography for all kinds of moral reasons. I happen to be one of them, so when I tell people I’m getting ready to publish a whole book about the ills of pornography, many people assume I’m primarily speaking to fellow Chris...

  • How Are You Protecting Yourself Online?

    Covenant Eyes is working to protect people online.

    From predators to pornography the Internet continues to show us that it isn't just a helpful tool but can also be harmful.

    Find out how Covenant Eyes can help you live porn-free:

  • How to Confess Your Porn Addiction to Your Spouse

    Don’t forget to pray. Ask God to prepare your spouse’s heart for your confession. Ask the Holy Spirit to be present with both of you during this and subsequent conversations. Pray for protection against the enemy coming in to do more damage to your relationship.

    Don’t choose your timing poorly. ...

  • 8 Ways to Rebuild Trust with Your Wife

    I talk to men all the time who feel like they are hopelessly hooked on porn, and they really want to break free from it. For married men, they also have the added stress of: “How do I help my wife trust me again?” They know their secrecy and porn use has caused a real rift in their marriage, and ...

  • What Are the Practical Steps to Quitting Porn

    Download our free e-book on the science of porn use:

    There are many practical things to keep in mind when trying to break free from porn. Here are six.

    Break free from porn:
    1. Education
    2. Clean house
    3. Set small measurable goals
    4. Write down your exit strategies

  • The Biblical Strategy to Overcome Porn Addiction

    Recently we released a program to do just this that is pretty simple: just a series of e-mails that go out once a day for 40 days, slowly unpacking these concepts one at a time. So far, thousands have gone through it and we were really encouraged by all the feedback we heard. About 92% of the lat...

  • The Secret to Beating Porn Addiction

    Learn more about The 40 Day Challenge App here:

    In my last video, I unpacked a little bit of what I consider to be the best strategy for overcoming pornography addiction. It’s a simple strategy inspired by 2 Timothy 2:22 with three crucial parts: RUN FROM, RUN TO, and...