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  • Distilled Faith

    8 videos

    DISTILLED FAITH is the show about prayer, told through the experiences of the faithful. Using his training in Ignatian spirituality, Father Kevin McQuone helps guests unpack their relationships with God. Make sure to check out this thoughtful series and find new ways to grow in your prayer life.


    We all have had to wait for something in our lives. Waiting requires patience and we typically only wait for things that we need or want. This is because our time is valuable and limited. We are not going to wait for something that we don't care about.

    God also only waits for things He cares abo...

  • Heroic Learner Summit (Full Video)


    As men, we have a tendency to hide our pain from others. We like to show off a strong impervious armor to others when deep down we can be experiencing a tremendous amount of pain.

    Hiding our pain can even extend to hiding our pain from God. Pain ultimately creates vulnerability and that vulnera...

  • Daily Reflections – August 30, 2021

    Today's Action Item: Have hope and a relativistic vision of death as a Christian.

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  • Daily Reflections – August 28, 2021


    We fight so hard to seek fulfillment in our lives. We pursue careers, money, fame, accolades and so many other activities that leave us empty. The reality is that there is one thing in our lives that we just can't replace, one thing that completes us in a way that nothing else will. That irreplac...

  • Chapter 10: Introduction to the Four Keys

    This chapter provides an introduction to the four keys to culture change in a parish. These four keys will be covered in multiple sections with greater detail throughout the course

  • Daily Reflections – August 21, 2021

  • Being A Catholic Aint Easy

    Father Larry explains that living out your faith isn't easy. We will face trials. We will carry our cross.

    Make sure to tune into Anchored In Hope with Father Larry Richards each week on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts.

    More from Fr. Larry: The Reason For Our Hope Foundation: https:/...

  • Movies Every Catholic Should Watch

    In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about great movies that every Catholic should watch.

  • Why doesn't the church get with the times?

    Some people think Church teaching needs to “get with the times”. Do you use theology to tell you what time it is? Then you probably shouldn’t use human time to tell you your theology! Learn why in this week’s video.


    We look for Jesus in churches, in prayer, and in scripture; but we can forget that Jesus presents Himself physically to us in the person right next to us.  We often see the worst in others and fail to see God Himself. 

    Slow down this week to consider every person you encounter this week, reflect...

  • 5 Things Protestants Get Wrong About The Virgin Mary

    In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about things that Protestants misunderstand about Catholic devotion to Our Mother Mary.

  • Do Catholics Worship Mary?

    We will be honoring our mothers this weekend, and May is the month of our Holy Mother, Mary! Why do we as Catholics love her so much? Do we worship her?

    Mary was mostly unnoticed in life, except by God. Now she is know as Ark of the New Covenant, Star of the Sea, Queen of Heaven, and Mother of G...

  • Men of the Cross with Jared Zimmerer

    Learn more about the Word on Fire Institute:

    Jared Zimmerer, Senior Director of the Word on Fire Institute, delivered this lecture for the Knights of Columbus “Men of the Cross” initiative entitled “How Self-Control is Strengthened by Endurance.”

    In this talk Jared...

  • Catholicism in the Modern Age

    1 season

    Get Equipt:

    Catholicism in the Modern Age is a three part video series from Equipt founder Chris Bartlett. Join Chris for a video series to learn how to be a living disciple in this modern age! This new age of Christianity requires BOLD approaches. Get a better und...

  • Catholic Re.Con.

    1 season

    Catholic Re.Con. shares the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith. Join host Eddie Trask, a Catholic revert, as he interviews fellow reverts and converts as they share how the Holy Spirit convicted them to enter into the fullness of Catholic Church.

    Hear more from Eddie at: https://www.eddietr...

  • Dynamic Men's Groups

    1 season

    The following Parish Leader Training Series will guide new leaders through the steps to launch a Dynamic Men’s Group and at the same time strengthen core teams who will lead the effort. This series can also be used by existing core teams who are looking for new ideas to refresh their groups. Th...