Lust is Boring with Jason Evert

Lust is Boring with Jason Evert

Lust is Boring is hosted by Jason Evert, a bestselling author of more than fifteen books, including The Dating Blueprint and How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul. Listen as Jason interviews special guests and delivers straight answers to tough questions submitted by the listeners on dating, singleness, marriage, and sexuality.

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Lust is Boring with Jason Evert
  • Transgender Story Time for 4-Year-Olds?!

    Massachusetts public schools are about to mandate a transgender reading list for ALL 415,000 PreK-5 students, beginning April 11, 2022.

    In this episode, Jason reviews all 10 books that have been assigned to these children (ages four through ten) and exposes the ideologies that are about to be d...

  • How to make a good confession: Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR

    Are you hesitant to go to confession because you’re too ashamed or nervous? Do you cram in your examination of conscience moments before you enter the confessional and then worry afterward that you forgot something? What if it feels like you’ve said the same thing in your last dozen confessions? ...

  • Billie Eilish: Porn is a DISGRACE

    In a recent interview on the Howard Stern show, Grammy award-winning singer Billie Eilish explains how porn “destroyed her brain.” In today’s episode, Jason shares her comments, offers commentary about Billie’s shocking remarks, and discusses:

    o What does porn do to our attractions?
    o Is p...

  • The Psychology of Gender

    Beyond our reproductive capacity, what is the difference between men and women, and what do those differences reveal about our identity and mission? In today’s episode of Lust is Boring, Jason interviews psychologist Andrew Sodergren, M.T.S., Psy.D., as the two discuss:

    • Is there such a thing a...

  • Sexual Healing: Dr. Bob Schuchts

    In this episode of Lust is Boring, Jason Evert interviews Dr. Bob Schuchts, the founder of the John Paul II Healing Center. Together, the two discuss:

    · When does a friendship cross the line into an emotional affair?
    · What can you do if your spouse looks at porn?
    · How do you...

  • Gender: Why "Matter" Matters

    Fr. Malachy, C.F.R. joins Jason Evert on the "Lust is Boring" podcast to discuss Gender Theory and how to care for individuals who experience gender dysphoria.

    Support us on Patreon:

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    Hallow app FREE for 1...

  • Parenting for Purity

    How do you talk to your kids about chastity, especially when your parents never had "the talk" with you? In this episode of Lust is Boring, Jason offers a wealth of communication techniques and effective strategies to transmit the message of purity to your kids at any age. Listen, as he addresse...

  • Homosexuality and Holiness

    When it comes to same-sex attractions, is the Church really telling some people not to love? If you experience homosexual attractions or have a loved one who does, you might struggle to accept or explain the Church’s teachings on LGBT issues. In this episode of the "Lust is Boring" Podcast, you’l...

  • Gender Theory vs. Fact

    Episode 17 of the "Lust is Boring" podcast, Jason Evert talks about gender theory versus the facts. Are there really 58 genders? Isn’t gender just a social construct? There’s no shortage of questions when it comes to the topic of masculinity and femininity. In this episode, Jason tackles these qu...