Leading in Faith

  • What it Takes to be a Catholic Leader

    Dave Durand is an entrepreneur, author and on air radio contributor. Dave has built and sold several companies including founding and leading Best Version Media LLC. Under Dave's leadership, Best Version Media became the largest company of its kind, servicing 17 million mon...

  • Catholicism in the Modern Age

    1 season

    Get Equipt: https://www.getequipt.us/#join

    Catholicism in the Modern Age is a three part video series from Equipt founder Chris Bartlett. Join Chris for a video series to learn how to be a living disciple in this modern age! This new age of Christianity requires BOLD approaches. Get a better und...

  • Parish Renewal with Tim Glemkowski

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  • The Men's Academy: Academy Briefs

    1 season

    Academy Briefs are short messages on Christian Manliness from Dr. Phil Chavez of the Men's Academy.

    The Men's Academy offers solid content on Christian Manliness through internet-based platforms, live conferences, and audio-visual media. Their training gives men the inspiration and tools to reac...

  • Driven By Love with Marek Rudak

    1 season

    If you have any questions about my talk or your particular situation, I'd love to get on a quick call. I'll be more than happy to offer some suggestions and tips to help you grow through suffering. Please pick a time that works best for you: https://calendly.com/marekrudak/15min

    Please check out...

  • Foundations

    1 season

    This is the first episode of a 4-part series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series, please visit www.formed.org/trial.

    A Four Part Video Series for Thriving in Parenting, by Families of Character
    You were never meant to do this parent thing alone. With the help of theological scholars,...

  • Protecting Your Teens and Children

    Jason Evert's talk from the Catholic Fatherhood Summit presented by Heroic Men. Jason identifies the importance of modeling the faith and leading your families. He breaks down six ways to guide your teens and children.
    Jason Evert- www.chastity.com

  • Message to Men from Deacon Michael Nevin

    Deacon Michael emphasizes men to live a life of joy and purpose. It is easy to get discouraged by the world we live in today. Deacon Michael reminds us that God has a purpose for everyone, and created us for this specific moment in time. Having faith in Jesus Christ, we are called to choose faith...

  • Message to Fathers

    Fr. Larry speaks directly to fathers and their role to model Christ to their families and to the world.

    Jesus is the incarnation of God the Father’s love for the world. As fathers, men share in this responsibility of projecting God’s love into the world. “Husbands, love your wives, even as Chri...

  • The School of Nazareth: A Spiritual Journey with St. Joseph by Mark Hartfiel


    "The Holy Family is the beginning of countless other holy families." —Pope John Paul II.

    There is a beautiful tradition in the Church that St. Joseph lived on the Earth with Jesus and Mary for thirty years. Thirty years to adore the face of Our Lord and Savior, thirty years to contemplate the my...

  • Reborn
    1 season


    1 season

    This is the first episode of a 3-part series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series along with bonus materials, please visit www.formed.org/trial.

    Reborn explores the deeply personal power of Baptism, bringing to light the spiritual reality for parents and godparents and, most important...

  • Lectio: Prayer

    1 season

    This is the first episode of a 6-part series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series along with bonus materials, please visit www.formed.org/trial.

    With the clear teaching and artistry of the Augustine Institute's Lectio series, Dr. Tim Gray masterfully uses the discipline of Lectio Divi...

  • The Three Secrets to Sharing the Faith by Trent Horn

    Want to tell others about your Catholic Faith, but don't how where to start? Afraid you're not smart enough, knowledgeable enough, or outgoing enough?

    Don't worry, says Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn. With a few simple tips and a little practice, anyone can be an effective apostle and eva...