Kapaun’s Men Virtue Series

Kapaun’s Men Virtue Series

7 Episodes

“Father Kapaun proved himself to be the greatest example of manhood that I’ve ever seen in my life.” The most decorated Chaplain in US Army History, Servant of God Emil Kapaun’s story inspires us and reminds us that every man can achieve the greatness to which God has called us. The Kapaun’s Men Virtue Series features two of Kapaun's fellow Prisoners of War and invites you to dive into the life of Father Kapaun and the virtues he exemplified. In addition, men from many walks of life help you to understand what virtue looks like in today’s world. Intended to be completed in participation with other men, Kapaun’s Men is designed to help men accompany one another as we respond to God’s invitation to greatness.

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Kapaun’s Men Virtue Series
  • The Story of Father Kapaun

    Episode 1

    Can one man make a difference in the world? Join Catholic speaker Joe Farris as we learn about the life of Servant of God Emil Kapaun and the virtues that made a difference to the men he served. Father Kapaun was a Catholic priest and Army Chaplain who served in the farming communities of Kansas,...

  • Mercy

    Episode 2

    Learning to give mercy can be difficult for us as men, but it's one of the first steps in truly coming to know the love of God. Just before his death Father Kapaun made the decision to forgive his captors who allowed so many men to die and to ask for their forgiveness. This session will help us t...

  • Faith

    Episode 3

    Faith is the beginning of our life with God, and it leads to true freedom. Despite their imprisonment in the POW camp, Father Kapaun encouraged his men to find the freedom and strength that faith offers us.

  • Hope
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    One of the greatest things that Father Kapaun did was to inspire the virtue of hope in his men, a virtue that helped many of them survive the terrible conditions of the prison camp and set their sights on something higher than this world. Are you a man of hope? Do you bring hope to those around you?

  • Love
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    When we realize that love is willing the good of the other and sacrificing for them, we come to realize that love is the manliest of virtues. This video explores the many ways Father Kapaun sacrificed for his boys and showed them the love of Christ, encouraging us to do the same.

  • Courage

    Episode 6

    Do you let fear dictate your life, or do you trust in God? The virtue of courage helps us face difficult circumstances and remain strong in pursuing what is good.

  • Mission

    Episode 7

    The mission God gave to Father Kapaun was sharing His love and hope to men in the Army. Each of us is called to be a missionary in our home, at work and in our community by the way we live our lives and the hope we exhibit. How is God calling you to serve?

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