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Watch this video and more on Heroic Men


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Kapaun's Men

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit


Up Next in Beatitude Series

  • Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

    None of us can truly prepare for the death of a loved one and the sadness that it brings. However, our faith can bring blessings even out of mourning, as the Bergkamp family shows after the unexpected death of their son Brian. It is never easy, but Christian mourning can bring us closer to God.

  • Blessed Are the Meek

    As men, we often associate meekness with weakness, but we couldn't be more wrong. Daniel and Sarah Dellasega show us how to live strength with love and trust in God, even in difficult moments. When we do this, we grow in likeness to Christ our Good Shepherd, just as Father Kapaun did.

  • Blessed are They who Hunger and Thirs...

    Do you hunger more for your own comfort or for others to come to know the love of God? In this session, missionary Andy Churray inspires us with the zeal he has for bringing the love of God to inner city teens and the joy that comes with it.