Just A Guy In The Pew Podcast

Just A Guy In The Pew Podcast

We're talking Catholic man to Catholic man. No fancy jargon. Just real, honest conversations from the heart. Join Just A Guy In The Pew as we discuss the struggles, challenges, and unimaginable joy of following Christ.


We don’t shy away from the tough topics; we approach them straight on in a relatable way. Every podcast from Just a Guy in the Pew is meant to help men become who God has intended them to be. It’s not always easy, but we’re in this together.


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Just A Guy In The Pew Podcast
  • Becoming a Manger - Living Advent with Father Malachy

    Father Malachy is here for another week! And this time John and Father dive straight into the depths of Advent. From hunting to concepts of time, to shame, to Jospeh they cover all the bases and will inspire you to live this Advent with a fervent heart!

    In this episode, you will hear John and F...

  • The Struggle With Anxiety

    Nobody needs “worry” explained to them. We have all felt it. We all know what it means to be stressed. What we do need to learn is how to fixate on Jesus and the present moment, rather than be paralyzed by circumstances we cannot control. The devil tries to pull us into the future and the past, b...

  • Keeping Up Appearances

    Join us as we “wash the cup” the way the Pharisees just couldn't. In this episode, John and Victor talk about the tendency we have towards living for the opinion of others rather than living for our relationship with God. Are your daily efforts increasing your virtue or popularity?

    In this epis...

  • One Body, One Mission


    In this episode, John and Victor talk about the dangers of living the Faith alone. As you will learn, the Battle of Amalek is the perfect example of this: we have a great need for other people in our life in order to do the Lord’s will with strength.

    In this epis...

  • The Choices We Make Matter

    Daily decisions have eternal ramifications…. Don't claim ignorance. This week Victor and John talk about the long-term effects of our current daily choices. We often seek what is best for the most enjoyable temporal life, without discerning what is best for our souls. Complacency could quietly be...

  • How to Amend Your Life

    “It’s not enough to just quit sinning. You have to lose your affection for sin.” This week Deacon Jeff and John talk about what it means to amend your life and detach from the sins we are so bonded to. Have you ever wondered why you fall prey to the same habits again and again?

    In this week’s e...

  • How Do YOU Lay Down Your Life?

    After a week of running around, dropping kids off, cleaning, cooking & embracing the tasks of everyday life, Victor and John chat about what it really looks like to lay your life down for your family. It's more than flowers, chocolate, and apologies.

    In this episode you will hear about:
    - Foot...

  • Do You Realize The Power You Have?

    Do You Realize The Power You Have?

    In this episode, Victor and John expose the truth about the power we individually have as men. The devil tries to blind us to the gifts we have been given to ACTUALLY change the world.

    This episode will convict you that:
    - You are somebody God desires.
    - Y...

  • Who Are Your Homies?

    When you take a look around at the people you spend your time with, does it bring you joy?
    Do you look up to your friends and do they make you look up to Heaven?
    Are you settling and compromising in friendships out of a fear of loneliness?

    In this episode Deacon Jeff and John talk about:
    - T...

  • Maybe YOU'RE the Guy...

    Maybe YOU'RE the Guy

    Do you sometimes feel like you are in a spiritual wasteland? Maybe God wants you to do more than just ache. Maybe you should do more than just listen to what is going on around you. Maybe YOU are the guy that needs to ACT. YOU, unworthy, unqualified, underestimating the powe...