Just A Guy In The Pew: Amazing Interviews

Just A Guy In The Pew: Amazing Interviews

We're talking Catholic man to Catholic man. No fancy jargon. Just real, honest conversations from the heart. Join Just A Guy In The Pew as we discuss the struggles, challenges, and unimaginable joy of following Christ.

We don’t shy away from the tough topics; we approach them straight on in a relatable way. Every podcast from Just a Guy in the Pew is meant to help men become who God has intended them to be. It’s not always easy, but we’re in this together.


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Just A Guy In The Pew: Amazing Interviews
  • From Jam Bands to Jesus - The Conversion of Fr. Malachy Joseph Napier, CFR

    On this week’s BONUS episode, John is joined by Father Malachy CFR! Father Malachy vulnerably shares his wild testimony and journey to the priesthood. From selling organic veggie burritos in a parking lot to encountering God’s love and infinite mercy, Father Malachy's story reveals God’s fatherly...

  • Interview with Focus Missionary Max Zamzow

    Focus missionary, Max Zamzow, joined John in the studio for an exclusive interview! (Yes, he is as cool as his last name sounds.) With 3 engineering jobs on the table, Max did not think that the missionary life awaited him upon graduation from college, but as he shares, God had other plans.


  • Repentance and Relationship - A Conversation with Ralph Martin

    Author, professor, and speaker, Ralph Martin joined John in the studio for a thought-provoking conversation. From fears to worthiness to lies that men believe, they share the (capital T) Truth!

    In this episode John and Ralph chat about:
    - Ralph's own experience of repentance and conversion: “R...

  • Getting Back Up with Father Stephen Gadberry

    This week Father Stephen Gadberry (the American Ninja Warrior priest), joined John in the studio for an incredibly raw & moving interview.

    Father Stephen shares about:
    - Becoming the man of the house at a young age
    - His call to the priesthood while serving in the military
    - The intentional s...

  • Making Sense Out of Suffering with Dr. Peter Kreeft

    Today we’re talking to renowned Boston College professor of philosophy Dr. Peter Kreeft about a topic we all face in our lives: suffering. In his book “Making Sense Out of Suffering,” Dr. Kreeft shares an approach that helps us find meaning and purpose during distress and hardship.

    On this podca...

  • Interview with Fr. Donald Calloway

    In this episode, we’re talking about St. Joseph with Fr. Don Calloway. For a guy who doesn’t say anything in the Bible, St. Joseph was an incredible man. He’s someone all men can call upon to help them live with purity and virtue.

    In this episode, we discuss:
    - St. Joseph was a heroic man wh...

  • Are You Overwhelmed by the Gospel? with Fr. John Riccardo

    In this bonus episode, I interview my friend, Fr. John Riccardo—founder of Acts XXIX and co-host of the "You Were Born For This" podcast.

    During our conversation, Fr. John shows how today's priests and bishops were formed for a different era than the one we're living in, which is making their mi...

  • Interview with Chris Stefanick

    Hey guys, today we're talking to Chris Stefanick about "wokism," cancel culture, and the other current trends that seek to separate us from Christ's mercy and love.

    We'll learn that:
    - Wokism doesn’t expand our view of reality, but instead causes anxiety and worry
    - When we run the risk of being...

  • Being Authentically Catholic with Bill Donaghy

    In this episode we'll learn that:

    - If we are going to teach God's word, we must also live it
    - Looking honestly at our history helps us to move forward on our faith journey
    - Through Catholic mentors past and present, we remain open to continuous learning about our Catholic faith.



  • A Church in Crisis with Dr. Ralph Martin

    I’m honored to have the opportunity to host one of my favorite apologists and theologians, Dr. Ralph Martin. Dr. Martin leads Renewal Ministries and has done lots of work helping everyday Catholics. We discuss sin, scandal, and how the faithful should respond to the problems in the Church.

    His b...

  • Interview with Fr. Josh Johnson

    In this bonus episode, we’re talking to Fr. Josh Johnson about his vocation story and his thoughts on how to bring people to Jesus Christ through discipleship and the sacraments.

    In this bonus episode you’ll learn:
    - How he went from wanting to stop being Catholic to thinking about the priest...

  • Interview with Sr. Miriam James Heidland

    I’m honored to speak to Sr. Miriam James Heidland of The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. Sr. Miriam has the distinction of being our first female guest in the pew! She is a noted Catholic speaker, author, and co-host of the podcast "Abiding Together." Sr. Miriam is going to talk to ...

  • Breaking the Chains with Matt Fradd

    On today’s podcast, I talk with my good friend Matt Fradd from “Pints With Aquinas.” Matt knows the struggles guys go through to become the men they’re called to be, and he’s gone through many of these struggles himself.

    In this episode we talk about:
    - The steps to take to overcome a pornograph...

  • Called to be Disciples with Pete Burak

    In today’s episode of “Just a Guy in the Pew,” we welcome the remarkable Pete Burak, director of Renewal Ministries’ young adult outreach, i.d.9:16. Pete talks with us about how we are all called to “go forth” and be disciples of Christ.


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