In-Depth Talks

  • Science and Scripture by Jimmy Akin

  • Daily Bread Discernment with Sr. Josephine Garrett

    From bank executive to religious Sister, conversion can truly turn your life upside down. This change is rooted in discernment. Sr. Josephine crafts a beautiful message of vocation and the need to accept the daily offering of our God for purposes and sharing the mission. This talk will challenge...

  • Right Here, Right Now: Always Be Ready to Share Your Faith by Patrick Madrid

    It's profound to consider what hangs in the balance when we share our faith with others. Patrick Madrid, in his highly engaging manner, speaks from a lifetime of experience to help Catholics effectively share the truth about Christ and his Church whenever the opportunity arises.

  • The Inefficient Innovator with Jason Shanks – OSV Institute, President

    In his talk, The Inefficient Innovator, Jason Shanks, President of OSV Institute, talks about the urgent need for unscaled innovation in ministry and evangelization. Learn more at:

  • Relativism: Do You Know How It Is Affecting You? by Chris Stefanick

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI considered moral relativism to be the most dangerous dictatorship existing in the world today. In this presentation, Chris Stefanick debunks the powerful and epidemic myth of relativism with honesty, relevance, humor, and logical validity, offering a much-needed perspec...

  • Bruce Lee was a Master Evangelist with Jared Zimmerer - Word on Fire

    Can Kung Fu inform modern evangelization? The answer is yes and the tactics will startle you! This talk will send you on a mission exploring the practices of a martial artist in sharing the Gospel in the 21st Century. Jared’s love for Bruce Lee has taught him principles of incredible success in s...

  • The Old Testament: The Pentateuch

    Mark Hart gives a refresher on the first five books of the Bible, also known as the Pentateuch, and how they tell God’s love story.