Heroic Minute

Heroic Minute

6 Seasons

Heroic Minutes are the quickest and easiest ways transform your life by putting into action simple practices that will help you live a heroic lifestyle.

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Heroic Minute
  • The Holiest Week of the Year

    Episode 1

    Jon Leonetti packs a load of great ways to make the most of Holy Week in this week’s Heroic Minute. Don’t let this week pass you without taking steps to encounter Christ each day!


    Episode 2

    Jon Leonetti reminds us that we aren’t the first ones that didn’t know how to pray. The disciples went to Jesus, and Jesus pointed them to the Father!

  • Sign of the Cross

    Episode 3

    Jon Leonetti shares simple but powerful advice on our approach to the Sign of the Cross. A perfect reminder of the richness of our faith!

  • Don't Hold Back

    Episode 4

    Do you ever feel like you are only praying for the things you are "supposed" to pray for or that maybe you aren't asking God to help you in some parts of your life? God wants all of your prayers. Jon Leonetti gives us a healthy reminder that we need to bring everything to God and not hold back wh...

  • Eternal Vision

    Episode 5

    Sometimes life is easy and sometimes life comes at us like a ton of bricks, with obstacles we can't seem to overcome. Our perspective can get distorted because we are stuck in the moment. When this happens it's important to remember that God has a plan for you and it is not a short-term plan. He ...

  • Heroic Minute: The First Truth

    Episode 6

    The most basic truth that we must know, is that God loves us. All other truths of our faith stem from this fact. We are called to respond to this love by loving God in return. Let us turn our attention to loving God this year, and being loved by Him. Have a heroic week.

  • Heroic Minute: New Beginning

    Episode 7

    It was said of St. Anthony that he lived as if every day were the first day that he served God. In this new year, refresh your commitment to serving Christ, your family, and your community with your whole heart. Men, let's make this year all about Jesus. Have a heroic week.

  • For You

    Episode 8

    This week Jon Leonetti gives us one last reflection for Advent. It's a reminder that John 3:16 is not just a general proclamation for the masses, John 3:16 is meant specifically for YOU. Just because you might be familiar with this passage don't gloss over it, meditate on every word this week.

  • Heroic Minute: "A Simple Secret"

    Episode 9

    Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be when the answer happens to be very simple. Jon Leonetti shares some wisdom from St. Theresa of Calcutta that we all should hear.

  • Courage & Christmas

    Episode 10

    Jon Leonetti breaks down how the Christmas story was a story of courage. He invites us to connect with the story of the Holy Family to remain strong and live more boldly.

    Check out more from Jon: www.jonelonetti.com

  • Heroic Minute: "Two Challenges"

    Episode 11

  • Heroic Minute: "Daily Examine"

    Episode 12

    Digging deeper this Advent doesn’t take long. Jon Leonetti encourages us to do a daily examination of conscious with simple questions like, “What are you grateful for? How can you challenge yourself?” It’s an easy way you can get centered this Advent!