Heroic Minute

Heroic Minute

2 Seasons

Heroic Minutes are the quickest and easiest ways transform your life by putting into action simple practices that will help you live a heroic lifestyle.

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Heroic Minute
  • #21 Conversion

    Episode 1

    Jon Leonetti reflects on the conversion of St. Paul and challenges us to think about our own conversion.  Paul was literally knocked off his horse because God was calling him to turn his life around.  How is God calling you to redirect your life and are you responding?

  • #22 GOD IS CLOSE

    Episode 2

    There are so many things that we can experience that might make us feel like we are alone- the loss of a loved one, personal failure, abandonment by friends or family, and so much more. Reflecting on St. Catherine of Sienna, Jon Leonetti reminds us that God is closer to us than we can even imagin...