Heroic Minute

Heroic Minute

6 Seasons

Heroic Minutes are the quickest and easiest ways transform your life by putting into action simple practices that will help you live a heroic lifestyle.

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Heroic Minute

    Episode 1

    We all have had to wait for something in our lives. Waiting requires patience and we typically only wait for things that we need or want. This is because our time is valuable and limited. We are not going to wait for something that we don't care about.

    God also only waits for things He cares abo...


    Episode 2

    As men, we have a tendency to hide our pain from others. We like to show off a strong impervious armor to others when deep down we can be experiencing a tremendous amount of pain.

    Hiding our pain can even extend to hiding our pain from God. Pain ultimately creates vulnerability and that vulnera...


    Episode 3

    We fight so hard to seek fulfillment in our lives. We pursue careers, money, fame, accolades and so many other activities that leave us empty. The reality is that there is one thing in our lives that we just can't replace, one thing that completes us in a way that nothing else will. That irreplac...


    Episode 4

    We look for Jesus in churches, in prayer, and in scripture; but we can forget that Jesus presents Himself physically to us in the person right next to us.  We often see the worst in others and fail to see God Himself. 

    Slow down this week to consider every person you encounter this week, reflect...

  • #21 Conversion

    Episode 5

    Jon Leonetti reflects on the conversion of St. Paul and challenges us to think about our own conversion.  Paul was literally knocked off his horse because God was calling him to turn his life around.  How is God calling you to redirect your life and are you responding?

  • #22 GOD IS CLOSE

    Episode 6

    There are so many things that we can experience that might make us feel like we are alone- the loss of a loved one, personal failure, abandonment by friends or family, and so much more. Reflecting on St. Catherine of Sienna, Jon Leonetti reminds us that God is closer to us than we can even imagin...

  • #23 Mother Mary

    Episode 7

  • #24 Your Enemies

    Episode 8

  • #25 Pentecost

    Episode 9

    Jon Leonetti reflects on the imagery of fire associated with Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.  Throughout scripture God utilizes simple but powerful images to help us understand know Him and His will.  This week take time to consider the subtle ways God is speaking to you and how the Holy Spirit is...

  • #26 A Great Thinker

    Episode 10

    St. Anselm was one of the great Catholic philosophers.  In this episode Jon Leonetti recounts his contributions to the Church and the importance thinking critically about our faith and the world we live in.  Take some time this week to challenge yourself mentally and seek answers to the difficult...

  • #27 Join Us

    Episode 11

    Men our weeks are packed with all kinds of tasks.  Join us every Monday and take one minute to strengthen your relationship with God! Heroic Minutes are the quickest and easiest ways transform your life by putting into action simple practices that will help you live a heroic lifestyle.

  • #28 Sacred Heart

    Episode 12

    In this episode Jon Leonetti shares the powerful history of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The heart of Jesus burns with the love of God. What is your heart burning for?

  • #29 John The Baptist

    Episode 13

    John the Baptist was known for many things but possibly the most important one was his fixation God and Jesus Christ. In this episode John Leonetti discusses the feast of John the Baptist and why his story is relevant to us today. This week reflect on the story of John the Baptist and the focus a...

  • #30 Faith & Fruits

    Episode 14

    Instant gratification is an addictive trap can leave us feeling empty when things don't go our way. In this episode Jon Leonetti reflects on the relationship between faith, fruits and prayer from the perspective of St. Augustine. Take some time this week to consider how many of your goals are rea...

  • #31 Pray For USA

    Episode 15

    There is nothing more powerful than prayer. If we truly care about our country then we will lift our nation and our leaders up in prayer. Regardless of political affiliation all of the leaders of our country need the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    It can be difficult to pray for leaders that you ...

  • #32 Uniters

    Episode 16

    It is easy to cut ourselves off from one another, it is easy to walk away when things are difficult and it is easy to add fuel to the fire of division. Men division is the easy road, unity is the heroic path.

    This week identify the division that exists in your families, in the workplace and wit...

  • #33 On One Knee

    Episode 17

    Getting on one knee is a familiar image to men, particularly in relationship to marriage proposals. In this video Jon Leonetti connects this imagery to the nature of our relationship with God.

    God humbles Himself and proposed his love for us by giving his life. How do you participate in the var...

  • #34 God Is Faithful

    Episode 18

    There aren't many things we can count on in life but one of them is God's faithfulness to us. God doesn't always give us what we want but He always provides what we need. This week take find time to thank God for the many ways he has sustained you through difficult moments.

  • #35 Where Is Your Hope

    Episode 19

    Hope can be an incredibly powerful motivator. It can keep you moving forward in the most desperate of situations. But if your hope is grounded in the wrong things it can spiral you into greater despair; particularly if you are betrayed by the people or things you hope in.

    What do you hope for? ...

  • #36 Why Do You Pray?

    Episode 20

    People turn to God for all kinds of reasons. We usually turn to God when we are in need. God wants us to go to Him when we are in need, but God also wants more from us. Our prayer drives our relationship with God. God is not some magical genie that is only there to grant us our wish, God is our F...