Heroic Minute

Heroic Minute

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Heroic Minutes are the quickest and easiest ways transform your life by putting into action simple practices that will help you live a heroic lifestyle.

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Heroic Minute
  • Fully Embrace Lent

    Episode 1

    Jon discusses the importance of men committing to increased prayer, particularly through Eucharistic adoration, during Lent as a means of deepening their spiritual connection with God.

  • Jesus Waits for You

    Episode 2

    Discover the profound significance of confession this Advent season! Join us as we delve into the anticipation of meeting Jesus in the sacrament, unburdening ourselves, and receiving His grace. Prepare your heart for Christmas and experience the joy of encountering Christ through confession. Star...

  • How to Fight Pride

    Episode 3

    Jon discusses the significance of the sacrament of reconciliation in combating pride, emphasizing the importance of confession, surrendering all brokenness to Jesus for healing and forgiveness, and experiencing God's grace and freedom from sin through this sacrament.

  • Discover the Bridge to Mercy

    Episode 4

    Jon discusses the importance of understanding the sacrament of reconciliation through the lens of the priesthood. He explains that the sacramental priesthood allows the priest to act in the person of Jesus Christ, guaranteeing Christ's presence when administering the sacraments. He emphasizes tha...

  • Discovering Lasting Peace

    Episode 5

    John Linetti dives into the wisdom of St. Francis de Sales, a saint whose words resonate through centuries. In a world that's a bit of a rollercoaster lately, St. Francis's timeless advice on inner peace is like a beacon. Join John as he unravels the secrets to serenity, discovering the saint's p...

  • Praying with the Catechism

    Episode 6

    Jon Leonetti shares his experience of praying with the catechism and how it has deepened his faith. He practices a sacred reading approach called 'Lexio Divina', where he randomly opens the catechism and meditates on the teachings or passages that resonate with him.

    Try this method and see how ...

  • Uncover the Ultimate Go-To Prayer Hack!

    Episode 7

    Jon Leonetti challenges us to embrace the power of prayer. Adopt a go-to prayer, like the one he took from Saint Teresa of Calcutta, invoking Mary to be a mother. Whether it's the widely known Jesus prayer or one of your own creation, a short, heartfelt go-to prayer can be a mighty force in your ...

  • Transform Your Life: How to Kickstart Your Day

    Episode 8

    Jon Leonetti addresses the challenge of how to kickstart your day with purpose and motivation, targeting individuals looking to make the most out of their mornings for a more fulfilling life.

    Jon dives into the art of seizing the day and making every morning count. Ready to unlock your inner her...

  • All for God in Life & Death: A Heroic Call for Men

    Episode 9

    Jon Leonetti introduces viewers to the remarkable life of Ignatius of Antioch. Born shortly after Jesus' time, Ignatius is still celebrated today. He penned seven heartfelt letters, passionately urging Christians to remain true to Jesus and his church.

    In his final letter, he pleaded with fello...

  • Unleash Holiness for a Heroic Life!

    Episode 10

    Holiness is not just about knowledge, but about a deep connection with God and His Church. It's contagious and has the potential to change your family, your community, and even the world.

    Join Jon on this journey towards profound union with God and make this week truly heroic through prayer and...

  • The One Simple Act That Will Make You a Hero to Your Priest

    Episode 11

    Comment below your top tip. What would you add?

    Discover a simple yet powerful way to support your local priest. Reach out, grab coffee, or share a meal with your clergy, and then ask them how you can lend a hand.

    Priests are swamped with daily tasks, so your help could make a world of differe...

  • From Ordinary to Saint: The Incredible Journey to Holiness

    Episode 12

    Is sanctity for those stuck in stained glass? Meet Blessed Pierre Giorgio Frassati, a mountain enthusiast who met an unexpected fate after a climb. Frassati's legacy lives on through the powerful phrase he wrote, "To the heights," reminding us that sanctity is not reserved for the few but attaina...