Heroic Fatherhood Summit

Heroic Fatherhood Summit

4 Episodes

Watch the Heroic Fatherhood Summit with Bobby Angel, Mark Houck and Chris Bartlett. Join these powerful speakers as as they reflect on the Fatherhood of God and living out heroic fatherhood on a daily basis.

More from Mark Houck here: https://thekingsmen.org/
More from Chris Bartlett here: https://www.getequipt.us/
More from Bobby Angel here: https://jackieandbobby.com/

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Heroic Fatherhood Summit
  • Heroic Fatherhood Summit: Mark Houck

    Episode 1

    More from Mark here: https://thekingsmen.org/

    Mark Houck is the Founder and President of The King’s Men, Inc. He is an author, activist and internationally known motivational speaker who developed in 2004 a highly successful ministry to help men become better leaders, protectors and providers. M...

  • Heroic Fatherhood Summit: Chris Bartlett

    Episode 2

    More from Chris here: https://www.getequipt.us/

    Chris Bartlett is the Director of Leadership Formation at Ablaze Ministries. He is also the founder of Equipt (GetEquipt.us), a Catholic book summary platform that allows disciples to be formed and empowered to transform the world and their familie...

  • Heroic Fatherhood Summit: Bobby Angel

    Episode 3

    More from Bobby and the Word on Fire Institute here: https://wordonfire.institute/

    Bobby Angel is the Fellow of Parish Life at the Word on Fire Institute. He has been featured in numerous Catholic formation programs and media platforms. He worked for eight years as a high school campus minister ...

  • Heroic Fatherhood Summit (Full Video)

    Episode 4