GO | Heroic Men Summit 2023

GO | Heroic Men Summit 2023

The Heroic Men Summit, themed “GO! Get started, use your gifts, make disciples!” featured dynamic talks from Justin Fatica, Jeremy Rivera, and Curtis Martin. They provide insights on how to get started, how to use existing God-given gifts, and how we are all called to effect change in our families and the world. Co-presented by FOCUS, and sponsored by Give Send Go, the world leader in freedom fundraising.

GO | Heroic Men Summit 2023
  • GO Make Disciples - Curtis Martin, FOCUS Founder

    Curtis Martin shares a simple process to help us understand what discipleship is and how to accompany others to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Yes, you’re called to make disciples. And you can do it. It’s not an abstract or impossible task. God has provided you with everything you need to acco...

  • GO use your gifts | Jeremy Rivera

    We frequently find ourselves sitting on our gifts, or hiding them away because we compare them to what others have. Often we lack confidence in the gifts God has given us. You are worthy, your gifts are worthy, and you are called to share them. Jeremy Rivera breaks down powerful ways we can ident...

  • GO Get Started | Justin Fatica

    Find yourself spinning your wheels, or just downright stuck? We’ve all been there. So many things prevent us from taking action and moving forward in life – career, family, or faith… Justin Fatica will walk you through practical steps that we can take to create meaningful movement to move forward...