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Freedom is the ability to live out the greatest good, at every moment. It’s the ability to master our bodies so that our souls can give of ourselves for others. It’s the ability to keep hold of our emotions so that our minds can assent to truth. Freedom is not a mere matter of choice, but an effect of one’s capabilities.

Freedom is not something that can be earned, awarded, or taken. No matter how hard we fight or labor to free ourselves, our work is in vain. The good news is, God desires our freedom even more than we do, and he is ready to lead us out of bondage and into the freedom that we seek. The delay has never been in his giving but always in our receiving.

The three pillars of the Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise—prayer, asceticism, and fraternity—are aspects of the Christian life that dispose men to receiving God’s gift of freedom.
The path to freedom is set before you, a life of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity, choose to take it up.

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Looking to get more in depth on this topic? Check out this article from Exodus: https://help.exodus90.com/en/articles/4701460-what-s-a-written-why-and-how-do-i-write-one

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Exodus 90
  • Exodus Leaders, The Vision

    Episode 1

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    On January 17th, tens of thousands of men are going to start living a different life.

    That different life is going to help them turn away ...

  • What is Exodus 90 [The official answer]

    Episode 2

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    What is Exodus 90? Is it all hot air or something worth doing? Is it a spiritual exercise about following Christ towards real freedom or just something for hyp...

  • Want to be a better man? This will help.

    Episode 3

    Almost everyone wants to be a better man. Many of us even try to be. But only men with a solid written "Why" actually have the motivation they need to become one. If you want to become a better man, watch this video and start developing the "Why" you need to become the man you want to be.


  • What does prayer look like in Exodus 90

    Episode 4

    Christ's roadmap to freedom is made up of three pillars: Prayer, Asceticism, and Fraternity. This a brief overview of what prayer looks like in Exodus 90.

    Freedom begins at: https://exodus90.com/

    Looking to get more in depth on this topic? Check out this article from Exodus: https://help.exod...

  • How to Make a Holy Hour [Let's Get Practical]

    Episode 5

    What in the world is a man supposed to do in silence for 60 minutes? Though the possibilities are endless, I'll give you a concrete example of how you can structure your time in holy hour.

    Freedom begins at: https://exodus90.com/

  • Why should men be praying for an hour a day?

    Episode 6

    Giving up an hour of our time to pray each day is a ton. To do it would be a sacrifice. How could it possibly be worth it, especially for married men with a wife and children back home? Let's get into it, right now.

    Freedom begins at: https://exodus90.com/

    Looking to get more in depth on this...