Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

2 Episodes

This is the first episode of a multipart series available on FORMED. To enjoy the entire series, please visit

Ready Reasons are short videos that discuss various topics within the Catholic faith. These concise videos are meant to start a conversation about the Catholic faith and lead viewer to begin their own journey towards the truths of the Catholic faith, or to deepen their understanding of it.

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Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons
  • What's the Deal with Ashes on Ash Wednesday?

    Episode 1

    Every Catholic has known that awkward feeling of someone looking at his forehead when he goes out in public after receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday. Karlo Broussard provides some tips on how to use that awkward moment for evangelization.

  • Can We Know God's Truth Without the Church?

    Episode 31

    St. John teaches in 1 John 2:27 that we have no need of a man to teach us since we have the Holy Spirit. Is John denying the Catholic belief that Jesus gave us a magisterium (a living, teaching authority)? Karlo Broussard gives the reason why the answer is no, and explains what John means by this.