• Heroic Health Summit: Strength for the Kingdom

    The importance of physical and mental health has never been more obvious than now! It is important for men to model a healthy lifestyle for their families as a provider and caretaker for their families. We have to take care of ourselves before we can care for others.

    Join us as we dive deep into...

  • Catholic in America

    1 season

    Catholic in America finds itself at the intersection of faith and culture. No topic is out of bounds for co-hosts Father Michael, Father Tom, and Father Doug. To stay up to date with the latest episodes of Catholic in America and to support Saint Dominic Media's productions, visit: https://saintd...

  • Weekly Adoration 4.18.2021

    Join us every week as we unite men across North America and beyond in prayer. We will enter into prayer in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet.


  • The Search

    1 season

    This 7-episode series hosted by Chris Stefanick explores the deepest questions of the human heart—Why am I here? What's life all about? What happens when we die?—and guides you through the great big story of everything, as astrophysicists, psychologists, neuroscientists, artists, chemists and pro...

  • Heroic Virtue Summit: Virtues of St. Joseph

    Live on: March 27, 2021 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm central time.
    This year marks the 150th anniversary of the declaration of St. Joseph as the universal patron of the Catholic Church. In his apostolic letter Patris Corde (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis urges the faithful to imitate the virtu...

  • Exodus 90
    1 season

    Exodus 90

    1 season

    Freedom is the ability to live out the greatest good, at every moment. It’s the ability to master our bodies so that our souls can give of ourselves for others. It’s the ability to keep hold of our emotions so that our minds can assent to truth. Freedom is not a mere matter of choice, but an effe...

  • Into the Breach

    1 season

    Into the Breach is a groundbreaking 12-episode video series from the Knights of Columbus that seeks to answer what it means to be a Catholic man in today’s world. Inspired by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation to Catholic men, Into the Breach tells men they are made for greatness an...

  • Kapaun's Men

    4 seasons

    The formation series offered by Kapaun's Men are designed to help spur discussion among men about practical and pertinent spiritual matters. Based on Father Kapaun's life and spirituality, the videos are open to men of all levels. With great topics for discussion and weekly challenges, they are s...

  • Seattle Catholic Men's Conference Friday Stream

    Seattle Catholic Men's Conference
    Theme: "Strength for the Battle"
    April 23, Friday 7:00pm PDT

    Fr. Robert Spitzer S.J.:
    Fr. Spitzer is a Catholic Priest in the Jesuit order (Society of Jesus) and is currently the President of the Magis Center and t...