A Dram with Friends

A Dram with Friends

3 Seasons

This series hosted by Sean Lynn invites you to his distinctively Irish Canadian
Pub studio in sharing A Dram with Friends where we talk about faith, family food and fun. Pull
up a chair and Sean will pour you a drink of his, or your, favorite Whiskey. Distilled alcohol in
Latin is ‘aqua vitae’ water of life. The Latin translates in Gaelic to ‘usisge beatha’, also water of
life. Whisky is therefore water of life. Jesus would give you living water if you ask (Jn 4:10) and
He later says: “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink.” Join Sean for A Dram with

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A Dram with Friends
  • Episode XLIV: Deacon Harold

    Episode 1

    In this week’s episode, Deacon Harold joins Sean in the pub to discuss his journey from the monastery to law enforcement to service to the Church being ordained as a Deacon. Deacon Harold shares some of his passions in engaging with people both in his time as a Police Chief and as a Deacon, and t...

  • Episode XLV: Bishop Scott McCaig

    Episode 2

    In this week’s episode, Bishop Scott joins Sean in the pub Canmore (Alberta) as they prepare to start a 5000-kilometer motorcycle journey to Ottawa. They discuss men’s ministry, the call to pursue the heart of God, fellowship, and Bishop Scott’s personal journey from little to no faith, to his as...

  • Episode XLVI: Kevin Phillip

    Episode 3

    In this week’s episode, Kevin joins Sean in the pub as they discuss his journey from an AC/DC concert to family life, to men’s ministry. Kevin and Sean share some of the challenges of forming men in our challenging times, from being a father and a cook of pancakes (especially chocolate chip panca...

  • Episode XLVII: Dr. Michael Barber

    Episode 4

    In this week’s episode, Dr. Michael Barber joins Sean in the pub as they discuss Michael’s feeling called as a young teenager to be a professor and teach scripture. They discuss his journey, from seeing the fruits in his home Diocese of Denver for what he calls “The World Youth Day Effect”, to wh...

  • Episode XLVIII: Michael Chiasson

    Episode 5

    In this week’s episode, Michael Chiasson joins Sean in the pub as they discuss Michael’s outreach to young people. Their conversation takes them from who Michael is, what impacted his journey to his Ministry of 25 years reaching young people through music, retreats, talks, and motivating short vi...

  • Episode XLIX: Eugene Belliveau

    Episode 6

    In this week’s episode, a former defensive tackle with the Calgary Stampeders Eugene Belliveau joins Sean in the pub as they discuss their journey that brought them together as one of the original founders of God Squad. Listen as they describe how Mother Angelica touched their lives and their exp...

  • Episode L: Fr. Cristino Bouvette

    Episode 7

    In this week’s episode, Sean invites Fr. Cristino to the pub as they discuss Fr. Cristino’s journey from growing up in an Italian home in Medicine Hat (Alberta) to feeling called by St. John Paul II at World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002. Step into the pub and listen as they discuss issues around ...

  • Episode LI: Sean Blair

    Episode 8

    In this week’s episode, Sean invites Sean Blair into the pub as they discuss Sean B’s joys of helping to raise a family of 10 children. Step into the pub and listen as the two Seans discuss issues around conversion to the Catholic church, attending the 2nd God Squad Conference and hearing Dr. Tim...

  • Episode LII: John Paul

    Episode 9

    In this week’s episode, Sean invites friend and fellow GodSquad Board member, John Paul into the pub. Listen as they discuss John Paul’s journey of marriage, 8 children, and 13 grandchildren and his journey and trust that lead him and his family to building homes in Mexico for families that would...

  • Episode LIII: Aaron Ottman

    Episode 10

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits with Arron Ottman in his pub in Blaine, Minnesota. Listen as they discuss Aaron’s journey towards becoming a Police Officer while serving in the National Guard and studying Criminal Justice in college. Aaron shared his passion and calling towards service includ...

  • Episode LIV: Dr. Ted Sri

    Episode 11

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits with Dr. Edward (Ted) Sri in Denver. Listen as they discuss Dr. Ted’s experiences of being a Son of God, a Catholic, Husband, Father to 8 children. Dr. Ted is a Theologian with Focus helping to train young men and women to be missionaries serving in 185 differe...

  • Episode LV: Brendan Moran

    Episode 12

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits Brendan Moran in Denver, Colorado. Listen as they discuss Brendan’s journey from an extremely poor small farm in the west of Ireland to the Holy Land to Denver and his connection with St. Pope John Paul II and World Youth Day in Denver. Listen as Brendan shares...

  • Episode LVI: Patrick Devenny

    Episode 13

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits Patrick Devenny in Denver, Colorado. Listen as Patrick share’s his journey coming from a secular world, to football, to finding faith. They discuss Patrick’s experience of surviving a severe bike crash, being married, to co-hosting a podcast and growing in his ...

  • Episode LVII: Deacon Mike Daly

    Episode 14

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits with Deacon Mike Daly in Denver, Colorado. Listen as they share their experiences as police officers and the challenges therein with working with youth at risk and the spiritual challenges they face. Deacon Mike retells his experiences of challenging God after ...

  • Episode LVIII: Fr. Jonathan Gibson

    Episode 15

    In this week’s episode, Sean welcomes Fr. Jonathan Gibson into the virtual pub. Listen as Sean and Fr. Jonathan discuss their experiences of the Bible in a Year (BiaY), the challenges of living in our world, and the impact that the BiaY has had on them.

  • Episode LIX: Dr. Phil Chavez

    Episode 16

    In this week’s episode, Sean welcomes Dr. Phil Chavez into the virtual pub. Follow as they discuss the challenges faced by men today, especially young men in discovering authentic manhood, and how to go about engaging them so that they are formed into true leaders in our families, communities, th...

  • Episode LX: Dan Donaldson

    Episode 17

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits with (a traveling) Dan Donaldson. Listen as they discuss answering the call to live our baptismal vocations, how to share the Gospel in our world today, and what are the keys to the renewal of our Church in our modern world.

  • Episode LXI: Dr. Bryan Szumlas

    Episode 18

    In this week’s episode, Sean visits with the Chief Superintendant of the Calgary Catholic School District, Dr. Bryan Szumlas. Listen as they discuss life within Canada’s second-largest Catholic school district, the challenges faced in bringing to life the Catholic Faith, and of being messengers o...

  • Episode LXII: Peter Thompson

    Episode 19

    In this week’s episode, Peter Thompson visits Sean in the pub. Join them as Peter shares his experiences of life as a Missionary around the world, from Birmingham (England) to Eritrea to Calgary with many stops in between. They discuss life’s challenges from learning to live the faith in the hear...

  • Episode LXIII: John Wood

    Episode 20

    In this week’s episode, Sean has John Wood join him in the pub. Listen as John shares his experiences from getting a Theology Degree at a Southern Baptist College to traveling across the US where he worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, on cattle ranches in Colorado, to working in an Amazon warehou...

  • Episode LXIV: Tony Spoletini

    Episode 21

    In this week’s episode, Sean is visited by long-time friend and teammate Tony Spoletini. Listen as they reminisce about growing up playing football and rugby, to Tony’s roots as a son of Italian immigrants. Tony shares his experiences from moving from playing football to being an entrepreneur wit...

  • Episode LXV: Alan Smith

    Episode 22

    In this week’s episode, Sean is joined from Ontario by Alan (Al) Smith. Come along and listen as they discuss and share Alan’s growing up in a large family of 12, how his father’s deep faith impacted him with daily Mass and daily Rosary, and the example his father set for him and his brothers, an...

  • Episode LXVI: Jim Amsing

    Episode 23

    In this week’s episode, Sean is joined from the SE part of British Columbia by former partner and God Squad Founding member, Jim Amsing. Listen as they reminisce about their experiences of serving together in the Calgary Police Service, starting up God Squad, and how the Lord’s call has impacted...

  • Episode LXVII: Rick Sarkisian

    Episode 24

    In this week’s episode, Sean is joined by past God Squad speaker, Rick Sarkisian. Listen as they share with one another some of their experiences in living life with a purpose, of the importance of living in the present moment, who we should be, and how inner peace can draw us closer to God.