A Dram with Friends

A Dram with Friends

33 Episodes

This series hosted by Sean Lynn invites you to his distinctively Irish Canadian
Pub studio in sharing A Dram with Friends where we talk about faith, family food and fun. Pull
up a chair and Sean will pour you a drink of his, or your, favorite Whiskey. Distilled alcohol in
Latin is ‘aqua vitae’ water of life. The Latin translates in Gaelic to ‘usisge beatha’, also water of
life. Whisky is therefore water of life. Jesus would give you living water if you ask (Jn 4:10) and
He later says: “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink.” Join Sean for A Dram with

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A Dram with Friends
  • Episode XXV Matt Strub

    Episode 1

    Calling himself just a regular guy who chose to be a disciple of God, Matt Strub tells us the ingredients for the ‘secret sauce’ of life to get us into a deeper relationship with Our Lord. Matt’s career has been in law enforcement and as a helicopter pilot serving in the military. He shares the u...

  • Episode XXVI: Vito Gianndrea

    Episode 2

    Listen to this man’s amazing journey from Montecassino to Banff as Sean pours a Tyrconnell 10y old port finish Irish whiskey. It was not his intended destination but God had other plans. He showed up in Banff with speaking no English but Scot, Tony Russell came to the rescue who had learned Ital...

  • Episode XXVIII: Curtis Martin

    Episode 3

    Walk with Curtis Martin, the founder of Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) in the United States, as he reveals how the Great Shema from Deuteronomy can, and does, make great Saints out of ordinary people.

    Curtis expounds on how his ministry has crossed borders, challenged with t...

  • Episode XXVII: Gerald Montpetit

    Episode 4

    James Chapter One tells us to be doers of The Word, not just hearers. Listen to Gerald Montpetit tell us about how the Word of God, while attending a Protestant youth group, led him into the life of ministry that he has journeyed through ever since. After graduating from a Catholic Bible School, ...

  • Episode XXIX: Msgr Owen Kennan

    Episode 5

    Msgr Owen Kennan from the Archdiocese of Toronto joins us in the pub this week. Sean pours a dram of The Whistler 7yr Irish whiskey and Msgr Owen is drinking water as he is offering up his abstinence for a friend. Hear how Msgr grew up in Edmonton and then moved to Toronto and was called to the p...

  • Episode XXX Intentional Discipleship

    Episode 6

    Jim Sano, the author of 3 fictional books about how mentorship and support lead to discipleship, joins Sean for a dram to talk about his long time devotedness to trying to do what was right from his childhood. At a young age, after witnessing elderly men in his hometown sitting around talking abo...

  • Episode XXXI: Deacon David Bourrier

    Episode 7

    Sit down and enjoy a dram with our friend who is new to the pub, Deacon David Bourrier, also known as Captain Bourrier in the Royal Canadian Air Force. One of the many areas of responsibility Captain David has had in his military service was working with NORAD on tracking Santa Claus in Californi...

  • Episode XXXII: Mark Hartfeil

    Episode 8

    Describing his identity as a beloved son of God the Father, in the imitation of St. Joseph who was a husband to Our Blessed Mother, (foster) father of Jesus, and also a son of God, Mark reveals his deep spirituality as a husband and father. He describes the path that led him to help build the men...

  • Episode XXXIII Kelly Wahlquist

    Episode 9

    Sean welcomes the first woman into the pub for this engaging discussion about how men and women are called to support and encourage each other using the unique gifts God has endowed upon all of us. Kelly Walquist is co-founder with Jeff Cavins of the Archbishop Flynn Catechetical Institute with ...