A Dram with Friends

A Dram with Friends

3 Seasons

This series hosted by Sean Lynn invites you to his distinctively Irish Canadian
Pub studio in sharing A Dram with Friends where we talk about faith, family food and fun. Pull
up a chair and Sean will pour you a drink of his, or your, favorite Whiskey. Distilled alcohol in
Latin is ‘aqua vitae’ water of life. The Latin translates in Gaelic to ‘usisge beatha’, also water of
life. Whisky is therefore water of life. Jesus would give you living water if you ask (Jn 4:10) and
He later says: “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink.” Join Sean for A Dram with

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A Dram with Friends
  • A beloved daughter of the Father | A Dram with Joelle Maryn | Episode 86

    Episode 1

    In this week’s episode, Sean sits down in the pub with Joelle. Listen as they talk about a journey of broken pieces of life and how God knits all it together in truth and beauty, and learning how to be an instrument of God.

  • Episode I: Jeff Cavins & Sharing the Gospel

    Episode 2

    This is an authentic and candid conversation with Jeff Cavins. He shares stories from his time as an ordained minister in a charismatic church to his to becoming a Catholic Bible Scholar. Hear about the activated disciple, his challenge to all Catholics and how evangelization can happen on any mo...

  • Episode II: The Prodigal Son Returns

    Episode 3

    Mario Toneguzzi, VP, Content & Strategy Company NameMegaPiXX Media. How does a young man from Ontario end up in Alberta covering the Chuck Wagon races? What does whisky and Jesus have in common? Listen to how the power of the Palm Sunday Mass moved a young man steeped in new age spirituality brou...

  • Episode III: A Loonie Can Make Mission Happen!

    Episode 4

    As Monk is of an Anglo Scottish heritage, a good Scotch is in order for this week’s dram. Come and see what this late vocation priest has in common with our Patriarch Joseph and our Patron Saint, St. Joseph. Find out how Mission Mexico in the diocese of Calgary went from a humble request to a $5 ...

  • Episode IV: Dave Cichon talks about being a father and a husband

    Episode 5

    This Calgary Dentist knows his Bourbon and senses the Spirit call him to the Bourbon Trail. Join us in this week’s episode where we’ll talk about good Bourbon, being a husband and a father. What are men called to? Hear how Dave responded to what seemed like an innocuous opportunity to evangelize ...

  • Episode V: Mike MacDonald on listening to God’s call for your life

    Episode 6

    Mike MacDonald takes us from Scotland, to Nova Scotia, to Alberta, to Mexico, to the jungles of El Salvador. This story calls for the best of libations; so Sean pours himself an 18 year old Scotch whilst our guest has some Columbian rum. Come and see how a school trip with his students transforme...

  • Episode VI: Kevin O’Brien from football to fatherhood

    Episode 7

    A dram of Irish Whiskey each, the water of life, they spend the better part of half an hour talking about the Living Water that is Jesus Christ. Kevin tells us about the arrow of truth that pierced his soul, right through the heart, the coup de grâce of his conversion.
    Listen to this man of passi...

  • Episode VII: Bishop William McGrattan

    Episode 8

    “Everyone serves good wine first” (Jn 2:10). Not Sean. He serves the good Scotch first; a 15 year old Macallan, just for his Bishop, the Shepherd of the Diocese of Calgary. Hear what his Excellency desires is for men. Listen as he walks us through his early life and how he delights in his father....

  • Episode VIII: Damon Owens

    Episode 9

    Damon joins us from the city of brotherly love Philadelphia as Sean pours us a dram of Auchentoshan Three Wood. Come and listing to this Disciple of the Theology of the Body, this Apostle of Joy and hear what Damon has to teach us about Theology of the Body ; how the words of Scripture “For nothi...

  • Episode IX: John Angotti

    Episode 10

    Joining us from Nashville Tn, as John Angotti pairs Sean’s dram of Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey with a Canadian Whiskey Apple Crown on the rocks. This fun loving musician, musical theatre playwright and book author asks the tough questions: Why do bad things happen to good people? And...

  • Epizode X: Seminarian Santiago Torres

    Episode 11

    Santiago Torres Seminarian at All Saints Parish, Diocese of Calgary, Lethbridge

    It’s not the water of life Dalmore or Glenlivet that’s going to bring this Mechanical Engineering graduate happiness. It’s the Lord. From Columbia, to Calgary, to Lethbridge Alberta, this seminarian pours out much ...

  • Episode XI: Bishop Emeritus Frederick Henry

    Episode 12

    Sean starts by pouring himself a dram of Kilbeggan Iris Whiskey out of fatherly pride as his daughter is evangelizing in Ireland with NET ministries in the Kilbeggan area of Ireland. His Excellency found the occasion special enough to pour himself a dram of Crown Royal Limited Edition, “it’s pre...

  • Episode XII: Michael P Foley

    Episode 13

    Dr. Michael P Foley, Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour.

    This saintly marauder found a way to celebrate Saints with the water of life. Startin with a dram of the finest from a bottle of Redbreast 12 year old single malt Irish Whiskey, Sean responds like the Govern...

  • Episode XIII: Deacon Stephen Robinson

    Episode 14

    In this episode of A Dram with Friends, we get to know a good and faithful servant to the Lord. Meet Deacon Stephen, a long time friend of Sean’s and a board member of God Squad Canada. From a boy who’d complain: “Surely the Pope doesn’t go to Mass as often as we do.” To a Deacon and Triathlete...

  • Episode XIV: Joseph Pearce

    Episode 15

    Joseph, joining us from 20 miles south of Greenville South Carolina, has already come prepared with a dram of his favourite, Lagavulin 16 year old whisky; not as smoky as the Laphroaig, both light on the nose. But when you taste it, it’s a different matter.

    Hear what he dares to say to his 18 y...

  • Episode XV: Mike MacKinnon and Phil Morin

    Episode 16

    Both these young men are Calgarians though Mike chased his wife there from Halifax. Hear what these inspiring men are doing to build up the Kingdom of God and how you can easily do the same for the men in you part of the world. Inspired by Into the Breach and the call to battle therein, Mike a...

  • Episode XVI: André Regnier

    Episode 17

    Joining Sean in the Pub is André Regnier, co-founder of Catholic Christian Outreach who already has a dram poured.

    This forever young at heart man, has been evangelizing young adults for 32 years. This layman was able to pull off something tantamount to borrowing the Constitution of the Unite...

  • Episode XVII: John Chick

    Episode 18

    In honour of John and his birthday, Sean joins John in a dram of Alberta Springs Rye. Surprise, Jeff Cavins drops in to say Happy Birthday.

    Hear how this humble warrior has been made stronger by the cross he bears. This former NFLer and CFLer is on fire for the Lord and it rages when he speaks...

  • Episode XVIII: Bear Woznick

    Episode 19

    Bear and Sean have much in common, both real, both evangelists, both on fire for the Lord, both started on an embarrassingly small sized Honda motorcycle.

    This world adventurer and tandem surfing champion, sporting an impressive St. Benedict’s ring is alway eager to share about his faith and h...

  • Episode XIX: Naz, High School Chaplain

    Episode 20

    Come and hear how an angry and cynical sometimes atheist, sometimes agnostic young Muslim boy has come to know the Peace of God, his conversion to Catholicism and how today he models fatherhood for students in the High School he works at as a Chaplain.

  • Episode XX: Father Samuel Morehead

    Episode 21

    “Denver!” Yes that’s right, Denver. “Everything good comes out of Denver!”

    Morehead is a Scottish name and in honor of his guest, Sean pours us a dram of Deanston Virgin Oak. Father does the same on his side, even though he says his family is more English, (who make some pretty good whiskies...

  • Episode XXI: Peter Stockland, Journalist and Publisher of Convivium

    Episode 22

    Joining us in the Pub all the way from Montréal, Québec is Peter Stockland who would have nothing better than a good Irish Catholic Whiskey, Jameson. Having been in a pub in Belfast, that was the only thing they served. Sean agrees that Jameson is in order and pours himself a dram of the Black Ba...

  • Episode XXII: Brett Powell

    Episode 23

    Joining us from Vancouver BC, Sean welcomes Brett while he pours himself a dram of The Famous Grouse whiskey, good for any day drinking. (Not every day drinking.)

    Quoting Lucy in C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: “Is the lion safe?” “No! He’s not safe. He’s a lion.” Do you kn...

  • Episode XXIII: Three Generation of Lynns, Calgary Alberta

    Episode 24

    Today on this New Eve’s Special Edition, we welcome three generations of Lynns, granddad Tim Lynn, son Sean Lynn, our host and grandson Tim (TJ) Lynn. Grandpa pours himself a Highland Park Dark Origins Single Malt Scotch and young TJ is drinking an Bushmills Red Bush Irish Whiskey while Sean roun...